Birmingham - EGBB

Details about the ATC event occurring in Birmingham on 2021-05-07 between 19:30:00 and 21:30:00

ATC Event information


Airport name: Birmingham
Airport ICAO: EGBB


Date: 2021-05-07
Begin time: 19:30:00
End time: 21:30:00


Mumble/Teamspeak: SCHOOL / PROCEDURES / PHRASEO / NO regular ATC


Transition level:


from now on - Sessions are :every Monday @ Paris-Orly - LFPO - Procedures Phraseo Workshop / Atelier - Questions and Training - Mainly in French - no continuous ATC svcevery Friday: @ Birmingham - EGBB - Procedures Phraseo Workshop / Atelier - Questions and Training - Mainly in English - no continuous ATC svcevery Saturday @ Paris-Orly - LFPO - Practice and Regular ATC - FR + ENFR Note : scenarios - svp ayez les bons - demandez communications - utilisez la phono pas de micro ? - ne me demandez pas décrire - Écoutez sur mumble et écrivezNote EN : scenario - plz have the proper one - ask for communications - plz use phono (voice) / radio no micro ... ? - do not ask me to have to write - listen on mumble then you writeThank you / Merci

Air Traffic Controller information

Name: Woosh
Verified: Yes
Controller id: 379

Flight plans

AFRB773 Tu-145B (Geis Air)
EGBB 21:20:00
LSQQ 22:45:00
Pilot: Fred
Flight rules: IFR
Altitude: FL45 / Airspeed:
Flight nr: 00020 / Souls on board:
Fuel time:

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flight plan

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