Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website free?
Yes, it is entirely free.
How can i become an ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and begin scheduling events?
If this is the first time you want to schedule an event, just click on "New Event" in the "ATC Events" at the date you expect to control. Fill in your e-mail address and choose a password. Make sure you remember your login information for the next schedules.
I already created an event, how can I create a new one?
If you already created an event, then your email address is known. You should just connect from the "ATC Dashboard" section.
Why are there so many airports listed when i create a new event?
When you are not connected as an Air Traffic Controller, if you create a new Event from the main page, every known airport will be shown.
  • If you have never created an event, select the airport in the list or create a new one. The interface will remember your favorite(s) airport(s) when you will connect from "ATC Dashboard" section.
  • If you already have created an event, connect from "ATC Dashboard" and only airport your favorite(s) airport(s) will be shown.
Is filling a flight plan mandatory?
In the real life, IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) pilots file their flight plans.
VFR (Visual Flight Rules) pilots are however not requested to file a flight plan. However, Air Traffic Controllers appreciate that.
What is a "Special Event"?
Sometimes several Air Traffic Controllers want to organize a bigger event with many airports. A "Special Event" usually occurs in a focused area and more than 3 or 4 airports are controlled at the same time.
What are "cookies" and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer to provide a better user experience. We do not store commercial nor advertising cookies. There are two kinds of cookies that can be stored on your computer from flightgear-atc website:

  • Technical cookies
  • Statistics cookies

There are no cookies, nor personal information that are provided to others: these cookies are solely aimed to provide a better user experience, and get statistics from visit information such as IP address, global location (country/city), browser type.

Here are the cookies we may use to provide you a better experience:

Name of the cookie Signification Behavior Period of validity
PHPSESSID Cookie used to store your anonymized session information. It allows you to connect to this website and navigate from page to page without having to re-connect everytime. created on cookie accept session
cookieConsentAnswer The value of this cookie is 1 if you did consent to cookies created on cookie accept 1 year
collapseEvents Used to show or hide event details in the calendar of the home page. The value changes when you click on button in the home page created on cookie accept 1 year
showMap Used to show or hide the map when you click on button in the home page created on cookie accept 1 year
hasSeenNewInfo Used to determine whether you viewed a fresh new info or not. created on cookie accept 1 year
_ga Statistic cookie created on cookie accept 2 years
_gid Statistic cookie created on cookie accept variable
If you have other questions or suggestions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer.