Important information about the flightgear-atc network and website

2020-04-10 - New look

This is a major upgrade for users:

  • Cookie management: cookies are only saved if user consents. All functionalities remain active except the ATC dashboard connection.
  • Fresh new look: upgrading to Bootstrap v4
  • Map on the home page: possibility to hide the map (map visibility is remembered if cookies are enabled)
  • Home page ATC events presentation: new pseudo-calendar format with 4-day presentation
  • Possibility to move from 4 days to 4 days and select a date by clicking on the button and selecting a date manually
  • On the home page: possibility to hide the events details for a more compact view (details visibility is remembered if cookies are enabled) by clicking on the button and then on the button
  • The number of flightplans indicated next to the day represent the total number of flight plans for the day.
  • The number of flightplans indicated next to the ATC event represent the number of flight plans for this specific event (from/to the airport between begin and end time)
  • Clicking on an event shows more information about the event, flight plans and controller. This page also shows statistics regarding the airport and controller.

API minor changes:

  • GET getATCSessions -> response is now ordered by date descending

2020-01-26 - Stronger passwords

This update improves password security.

From January 26th a new version of password encryption is available. You are thus required to change your password from your "ATC Dashboard".
There is no password constraint however you are invited to use letters (in upper and lower case), digits and special characters (\!%$£€#).

2019-08-02 - Password reset feature

This update adds a password reset ability for those who forgot their credentials.

In the "ATC Dashboard" page you'll find a button "I lost my password" to reset your password.

  • Please enter your email address. An email will be sent to you, containing an unique ID. This ID is valid for only 24 hours.
  • Re-enter your email address, enter the ID contained in the email and your new password.
  • Click on

2019-03-05 - Malicious users

There has been some recents attacks on the flightgear-atc website (and the multiplayer servers of FGFS) that caused harm to some users of the flightgear-atc website.
Indeed some people created accounts on the website and tried to give wrong information on the other users.

As a result, we decided to create a list of "trusted ATCs" on which we know we can rely on. Indeed, when a "trusted ATC" creates a session his username will be written in a green label. Example :
Hosted by user

In order to request your account verification please log in on your dashboard page and read the instructions. Click here to check your verification :

2017-04-28 - Maintenance operation

Due to an internal migration on alwaysdata host services, a maintenance operation is planned on Thursday may 25th from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC. The main change will occur on webpages extensions. Indeed, the regular ".php5" pages will be renamed in ".php" according to the new PHP5 version hosted by Alwaysdata.
This operation won't affect ATCs and pilots regular operations (planning an ATC session, filling a flight plan, etc...).

This operation will affect API users.
We kindly ask our API users to call the new version (dev2017_04_28) :